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The Institute for Continuing History (ICH) is a professional research body that aims to illuminate large-scale acts of state-sponsored or communal violence for which the victims have had no redress. The Institute also examines the broader context within which repression and misgovernance occur. 


Many nations have suffered episodes of mass violence that have left deep and enduring wounds—running sores that continue to poison national life and threaten the future.

Yet the centrality of these turning-point crises is often matched by a critical lack of research and information. Frequently, the perpetrators remain in power, suppressing evidence and endangering the lives or liberty of would-be investigators. 

News organisations and human rights groups, for their part, are geared to current events and rapid response. Following preliminary reports, research tends to fall away. Today’s headlines quickly become yesterday’s news.

Put simply, the problem is this: when the long wave of mass violence continues to wash through society, there is typically no sustained inquiry to match.

Likewise, other, closely related, elements of misgovernance and the abuse of power are often neglected and remain unexamined.

It is in this void that cultures of impunity survive and thrive.

ICH, therefore, has two points of focus:

  • Rigorous and ongoing research that is commensurate with the impact of mass violence and misgovernance. That means our files stay open in perpetuity; we don't move on to other things when international interest subsides.

  • Quality public education. We produce accessible, understandable information resources that aim to place truth in the public square.


ICH is a non-partisan, independent research organisation. We are not aligned to any political position, party or government. Nor do we recommend policies or engage in public advocacy on behalf of particular individuals or groups. We seek to unearth the truth and share it.


ICH is a not-for-profit entity, governed by a Board of Directors that provides oversight and strategic direction. The Board includes:

Dr Stuart Doran—Executive Director

Stuart Doran is a historian and Africa specialist with high-level experience as a political analyst, consultant and investigator. He is the author of Kingdom, Power, Glory: Mugabe, ZANU and the Quest for Supremacy, 1960-1987, which was published in 2017 and shortlisted for South Africa’s leading literary prize, the Alan Paton Award for non-fiction.

Dr Terence McNamee—Director (Strategy) and Head, Africa Office

Based in Johannesburg, Terence McNamee is a specialist in development, governance and security issues. He is a Global Fellow of the US’s Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars (the Wilson Center) and consults to various international organisations and governments.

Mr Michael Clayton—Director (Legal)


Michael Clayton is a lawyer with experience in international refugee and human rights issues. He has worked for the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR) in a range of international roles during the last fifteen years. He has also worked in private legal practice and served as a senior policy lawyer with the Law Council of Australia.

Dr Alastair McKenzie—Director (Administration)

Alastair McKenzie is a former officer of the Australian Agency for International Development (AusAID) and the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT), who served in China, the Philippines and South Africa.

More information on ICH’s board members may be found here.

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