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Myanmar & the Rohingya crisis, 2016-17

In  October 2016 and August 2017, Myanmar’s military launched large-scale ‘clearance operations’ against Rohingya Muslim communities following attacks by militants on police and security positions.  The ‘clearance operations’ in Rakhine province resulted in the deaths of thousands, the devastation of communities, and refugees fleeing to neighbouring Bangladesh and other Asian countries. 


Listen to three highly qualified commentators — Dr Suwita Hani Randhawa (international crimes expert), Nicholas Coppel (former Australian Ambassador to Myanmar) and Dr Morten Pedersen (academic and Myanmar analyst) — as they talk to ICH's Dr Alastair McKenzie about accountability for the crisis, human rights mechanisms and possible future scenarios for the Rohingya. 

The international community and the Gukurahundi killings

16 October 2020

In this lecture, ICH Executive Director Stuart Doran explains the positions taken by international players during the mass killings that took place in Matabeleland, Zimbabwe, during 1983 and 1984.

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The Institute for Continuing History (ICH): An introduction

The Institute for Continuing History (ICH): An introduction

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ICH: An introduction

Why has ICH been established, and how does it go about its work? In this introductory interview, the Executive Director of the Institute, Dr Stuart Doran, explains that the Institute has been formed to investigate major episodes of mass violence - both state-sponsored and communal. He describes how ICH is different to human rights organisations and academic research centres, given its specialised focus on long-term investigations and its public education function.

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