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Would you like to be part of a cutting-edge investigative team that uncovers the perpetrators of mass violence and exposes their deeds to the world?

The Institute for Continuing History (ICH) is professional research body that conducts rigorous investigations into acts of state-sponsored violence.

ICH is seeking applicants for volunteer internships of between three and six months in the following positions. Please note these are voluntary positions which therefore involve no remuneration, but will help build your skills and CV as you contribute to an outstanding cause.

Candidates should send a copy of their CV and a description of why they are interested in the job to


Are you a reliable, disciplined worker who wants to provide the bedrock for ground-breaking investigations? Successful interns will travel to The National Archives in Kew, London, to photograph previously classified documents, which will thereafter be uploaded onto ICH cloud storage.

This is critical job, which provides a foundation for much of our work. The tasks are relatively simple, so previous experience is not required – but please note that this internship is not for those who want to cruise. It requires candidates who have a strong work ethic and good attention to detail. Time commitment will be between one and two days a week, by negotiation. You will need to live in the London area and be willing to travel to Kew.


Before applying, please read the following before deciding whether you want to go ahead:


This internship is largely unglamorous. Essentially, you will be taking photos of documents within archival files and making sure the images meet exact quality specifications. Some files contain over 200 pages and can take more than three hours to photograph.


So, why would you want to do an internship that requires demanding work without payment? Here are three reasons:

(1)   This is an important project because it will help to further expose egregious episodes of state-sponsored violence in which many thousands of people died. The project will also help to explain the wider context in which the violence took place.

(2)   The first thing potential employers want to know is that you are diligent, that you can do basic tasks to the letter, and that you are not afraid of hard work. Many employers are—at the outset, at least—more interested in such character traits than whether you are a brilliant analyst. ICH will be pleased to write you a reference to that effect if you become an intern with us, and if you prove yourself on the job.

(3)    You will find some of the material interesting. Much of it was highly declassified and has not be viewed by anyone outside of government until now. While you will have limited opportunity to read when you are at the archives given time pressures, you will be able to look at the documents at your leisure during your own time.


Are you a gifted cyber security strategist with a deep commitment to justice and an absolute commitment to confidentiality? Do you have what it takes to mix it online with some of the world’s most malicious individuals and regimes? Do you have advanced coding skills and the ability to defend ICH, its assets and personnel from highly-skilled opponents?

The successful candidate will help deliver cyber security strategies and engage in penetration testing and other technical operations associated with ICH’s cyber policy. Time commitment is open-ended and will be established by negotiation.


Are you a highly innovative analyst with a flair for using open source methods to come up with new findings?


Do you have super-creative ideas on how to track the activities of military agencies and their personnel? This position might suit those with a remote sensing background and a track record in a similar role, but is open to anyone with creative genius or new and highly innovative ideas. Please include in your application an outline of some of the kind of methods you propose to use.

Are you a skilled researcher with an aptitude for numbers and financial investigation? The second analyst role is suited to candidates with a background in (or a demonstrable capacity for) deep-dive investigations into complex and corrupt business operations involving front companies and money laundering. The successful candidate will contribute to a project that examines the intersection between perpetrators of violence and their business interests.

Time commitment for both analyst roles is open-ended and will be established by negotiation.

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